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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 9, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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and the traffics in to we have accidents associated with the rain. north bounds a 80 in milpitas around dixon landing we have an overturned vehicles a severe traffic alert in effect. the center lane are blocked. minutes ago we saw red on the road with centers indicated speeds below 25 mi. per hour. traffic is fairly light in the area. >> as a ticket to the east bay was down 5 at 0 at livermore avenue having injury accident blocking some of lines. it is a bit
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wet at the bay bridge toll plaza on the problems of oakland to the city. the san mateo bridge the cut. a wet deck away the drive 12 minutes from and again. a dry break south bound 101 the golden gate bridge no accident to report for your ride come out of the north bay james. >> thank you erica. san jose five r as battle a one a long are at st. thomas more school the happened about 1:00 a.m.. it is located 1565 south white road. the fire out of control quickly. no reports of injuries. the cause is still under investigation we will let you know when firefighters learn more. >> according to the utility company him out and start around 15. the cause of the outage has not been determined that are working to get fixed periods as they figure out how and why it went out there and be a man who killed six and injured
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13 more in the tucson shooting rampage has and sentenced to life in prison without he was given seven consecutive life terms plus 140 years in prison. he also came face-to-face with the first time with representative deborah l. gifford. she was one of the 13 injured in 2011. her husband mark kelly spoke about the attack here is what he had said. >> it was a tough day was a lot 1 in the courtroom to. this was something that we have known where we were always go for over a month now. it has been tough leading up to this day it is nice to have it behind us. >> loss owner pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty in exchange for life in prison one of two people suspected of killing a retired hercules schoolteacher say a 24 year- old darnell washington and his wife killed 55 year-old susie koe. on the course of
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a crime spree last month. there were arrested in washington state after they were spotted driving the victim's car. his chart with murder, carjacking. he could be eligible for the death penalty. he is scheduled to enter a plea next week. his wife is waiting to be extradited from washington state. >> and kidnapping happened at 730 in the evening of the victim was leaving her job in walnut creek two men apparently attacked. the storm was walking to her car in remote parking lot. >> they accosted her. vorster into our own vehicle. put a blindfold on her and untied her feet and hands. they drove around for what we think is several hours. attempted to obtain money from her bank accounts. >> police believe the
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suspect stock at eight different atm machines before letting the woman go in oakland hills. she was found by someone in the area will call 911. she was treated for minor injuries and released from a hospital. >> student at uc-berkeley are demanding more than just the status quo. several hundred students rallied on campus yesterday following the passage of proposition 30. they are calling for a decrease in tuition and a rollback in budget cuts. >> now that opposition party has passed them are billions more dollars of funding available for public education. we want to make sure the money goes back for rolling back tuition hikes and cuts. we will only be able to roll back cuts and tuition rise and students or in the streets. that is why we are out there today. we think we can. in 2013 it will be a year of protest and moving
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for for public indication. >> proposition 30 increases funding for of education for about 8 million that session billion dollars. >> look for a wet commute to day we will have more order forecast coming up in a bid.
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back 2:00 pmnitial jobless numbers. >> we are also watching gas prices that are falling in that is goodness. they continue to fall the state averages at $3.89 per gallon for regular gas. in san francisco is down 3¢ to $4.20. in oakland $3.88. we will continue to watch the gas prices all morning long on the kron 4 news. >> also making headlines you will not have to wait until dates. one big date to remember is december 17th. the post office says that will be the busiest mailing day for cards and packages. another important date is december to a second the last day to send express mail in time for christmas day. if you do, to brave the crowds a lot of postal services are available on line. you can print out your own labels and buy postage online. when you're packages already in the postal services will pick them up from your doorstep. >> it is for 12:00 a.m. just in time for the holidays and travel season alaska airlines this interintroducing a new airplane. flies farther and is the most fuel a efficient air craft the airline operates. comfortable seating and more spacious cabins. 38 other
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chemicals will be added between now and 2017. it will be flying transcontinental routes. >> we will take a break. we have a lot to talk about including the weather when we come back.
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we are back. for 3:00 pm as the time. weather has made his way into the bay area. there was a lot all over the bay area. you concede the people running from one dry spot to the next to avoid the rain. you just could not. that was video about 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. >> we are still dealing with some spin out as folks are having a hard time keeping it together on the road in some spots. let's find out about both the weather and traffic with erica. >> good morning james. storm tracker 4 lit up this morning. it is a messy one on the roadways. several
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accidents. the rain is a factor are looking to those in a minute. now we are seeing light to moderate rain of the far east bay and south bay spots. on storm tracker 4 raining over interstate 580. the altamonte pass downtown livermore. the rain is pushing into tracy. you can see it is raining on all the rows around interstate 580. the yellow on the screen indicating moderate rainfall. the majority of showers have pushed through. it is ready for highway 101 in san jose drive with caution. into the 6:00 a.m. hour the rain out of our hair. we have the potential for scattered showers on the back in a along the coast. places like livermore. the majority of the bay area will be tried. looking at your current conditions it is chilly. santa rosa 37.
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this is a chilliest day of the season so far. 45 for fanfare. 47 fairfield in hayward. afternoon highs looks like everyone is sitting in the '50s. napa 57544 san rafeal. pleasanton at 58. . satellite and radar low pressure is rotating of the san francisco bay area. by the weekend you'll see that on your 7 day around the bay forecast. the wet weather returns into tuesday and wednesday. >> a couple of accidents. monitoring of the one in milpitas. north bounds 880 at dixon landing. of originally we saw a slowing of our senses we picked up red. because traffic is so light it is not too much of a slowdown. a tow truck is headed to the scene injuries are associated with the
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accident. we are picking up on westbound at no. livermore avenue and accident blocking the left hand lines. the reason i am concerned because this is one of the first spot to back up. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza find out oakland into the city. san mateo bridge looking good 12 minutes from and said in. south bound 101 a wedtech and the that the accidents coming out marin county james. >> thank you erica 418 is the time. police in mountain view expects to make more arrests after finding a drug laboratory in an apartment complex. police found heroin mess and marijuana. police also discovered the first lap of the bay area used to make the empty. it is an hallucinogenic growing in popularity. >> in the drug that another
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drug bust. in santa rosa and narcotics team se xi's more than 5 lbs. of marijuana and cocaine. >> in the east bay in antioch and man was shot to death in front of a home last night. the shooting happened around 8:30 p.m. in a home of around west 18th street a 44 year-old man died with a gunshot wound. an investigation is underway. >> san francisco police are investigating the death of a giants fan injured during the world series victory celebration. the seven year- old man died of head trauma as san francisco general hospital on october 30th two days after he was hurt during street celebrations in the ashbury neighborhood. police are trying to determine how he came to be attacked.
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>> there has been a lot of criminal activity in the last month in san francisco. more than 40 arrests for weapons violations and dozens of fire bombs ticking off the streets. including ak-47s along with a 100 ground drum magazine for a mac 11 submachine gun. taking the weapons off the street will help deter the violence. most of the guns were confiscated from the mission district. as ftd says the crackdown in that district because of a stream of violence. san francisco is preparing to become the first u.s. city to provide cover the cost of a sex reassignment surgery for an insured transgendered residents. the plan was approved by the cities of commission. officials said
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the new tranche tender health initiative will be in effect late next year. >> new for you firefighters control a major house fire in moderate heights. the call came in and around 6:30 p.m. yesterday. when firefighters arrived they found a home engulfed in flames. hoses had to be relayed from fire hydrants as far as three blocks away to put the fire out. because of the blaze it will take some time to determine. a lot of construction materials were near the house when the fire erupted. no reports of injuries. a fund raiser dinner is set in san wrong to support the family of the fallen officer. all proceeds will go to the officer's family the dinner was organized by the contra costa county peace officers alliance. the officer was shot in the head on september 4th during a traffic stop. he is survived by his wife karen two sons and two daughters. it will
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be ed wage would banquet center in san ramon. >> will take a break for 20 1:00 a.m. on the clock. we are watching the wet weather and traffic problems that seem to be an erupting. we have a few reports of spin out and fender benders. traffic is moving well on the stretch of westbound 80 towards the macarthur mays and ultimately the bay bridge.
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the time. new yorkers are still filling the burden of superstars sandy. especially. when it comes to gasoline shortages. the mayor says police officers
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will be in force in the rationing. he also says they will be checking to make sure drivers have not switched license plates. saying " do not try to be cute. there are doing even licenses on one day in odd on the others. >> meanwhile the director of the emergency management is out of a job. stephen kerr yew's government workers to clear his driveway during hurricane center. they said that kerr had to remove a tree at his long island home. it was working in albany during the storm. >> seven members of the secretive navy seal team including one involving the actual mission to kill all sought to align punished for disclosing classified information. the seven are being reprimanded and will have their pay docked for two months. for allegedly providing information to a bay area of video game maker. this allegedly
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happened while they were consulting on a new game. the navy issued a statement saying " we cannot tolerate deviations from the policies that govern who we are and what we do as sailors in the nine it states navy. or other seals are also under investigation. >> you at best-u.s. officials say a iran firetrap fired on u.s. drones. the drama was not hit but the incident does raise concerns within the obama administration about a run in military aggression in the critical off oil shipping lines. the demonstration did not release details of the incident. three senior detail the steps officials did confirm that did happen. we'll talk about will be a wet commute. we are following the latest with the winter storm. it does finally feel like winter in
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november. temperatures are in the '50s. we have wet weather today. it will stay with us and to the letter morning hours or hopefully we will try things out. looking at the senate forecast which could be in store for more wet weather come next week. with the weather pattern saddlinselling n to the bay area.
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we are back. taking a live look for 30 k m a live look from our roof cam. it is a wet day. you probably learned overnight the rain hitting the roof of your home. it was intense in some spots. in the weather center with erica talking about the forecast storm tracker 4 we can see how heavy it was overnight. >> that is right that james
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was of thunderstorms and lightning strike. the most intense rain fell while people were sleeping. the area of low pressure rotate out of our area. we are seeing some light rain in some of our east and south bay spots. as we zoom in and around the bay area expect a light rain over interstate 580. around downtown liv livermore the altamonte pass pushing closer to tracy. the good news is it is like screen on your screen which indicates a light rain you can see the heavy stuff has pushed its way out of the south that a couple of minutes ago. which is a light rain for san jose around the airport in the alum rock area. we are starting to dry out which equals of good conditions for the roadway. hopefully will be knocnot be a domestic of you. . because of the
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instability in the atmosphere we have the possibility for a pop of a thunderstorm. increasing clouds later tonight. it would be and cold morning temperatures and the low 50s. we have a winter weather advisory of a thin affet for the tahoe area. hazard conditions if you are had in that condition to keep your chain sandy. as we look there afternoon highs in the bay area crowded conditions. the potential for rain. fifties across the board. 58 mountain view. 57 in fremont. east bay spots on the chilly side walnut creek 5856 or concord. 57 concord city that --union city.
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dry conditions in to the weekend we have another chance for what weather as we head into next tuesday and wednesday. more details coming up in a bid. quickly turning it to the traffic center. a single red on our road voice answers speeds below 25 m.p.h.. a lot of accidents in the south bay. 580 opposing livermore is one of the first spots to back up. if it does not clear shortly it will have a major impact on your later commute. this is something we will monitor. the richest look good. you can see for yourself. wet on the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza no accidents. a wet deck on the san mateo bridge traffic moving well tortes foster city. it has
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been dry for some time now windchill wipers southbound 101 the golden gate bridge. 22 minutes from novato into the city. james barry >> thank you erica the time is 4. 40 2:00 a.m.. hurricane sandy the power 412 storm that liver destruction love lisa states still without electricity and gasoline. head pain has the latest. >> gasoline rationing began today for a motorist in new york city and long island who spent hours and hours waiting in line to get gas. new york's mayor michael blumberg says the move is designed to a reduce the fuel crunch. >> the best way we think to cut down and to help buy gas faster to help gas stations
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say of a logger and to reduce the potential for this order. is to reduce today's drivers can purchase gas. >> the storm piled on misery was reeling from sandy. new jersey gov. chris christie says it could have been worse. >> believe it or not the snow was helpful because it was not rain. so it helped on the flooding side. secondly the winds were not as severe as was predicted. >> red cross volunteer susan mitchell traveled from southeast louisiana to the north east to help storm victims our way of getting back. >> barely thankful. that you for coming so far to help us. we turn around and say thank you for helping us when we needed it. we are telling them to hang in there it will get better is just a matter of time. >> it will take time for utility crews to restore utility to the more than 50,000 customers who are in the dark. i am at paine
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reporting. >> on the national front the man who killed and injured 13 more in the two sod shooting rampage has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. he was given seven consecutive life terms plus 140 years in prison. he came face-to-face with the first time with former are presented gabrielle gifford she was one of 13 injured in the shootings. her husband mark kelly spoke out here is what he had to say. >> it was a tough day was a long one in the courtroom to. this is something that we knew where we were going to go for over a month now. so it has been tough leading up to this day is nice to have it behind us. the shooter pleaded guilty in exchange for life in prison rather than the death penalty. >> of a fire at st. thomas more school happened around
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1:00 allow--the fire was under some control quickly because of the fire is under investigation. we will have a live report coming up at 5:00. one of two people suspected of killing a retired schoolteacher in hercules appeared in a bay area court room. 24 year-old arnelle washington and his wife tanya killed 55 year old susie koe during a statewide crime spree. darnell washington is facing nine felony counts including robbery murder and carjacking with special circumstances which could make him eligible for the death penalty. he is scheduled to interparty plea next week while his wife is awaiting extradition from washington state. >> at 730 in the evening a victim left her jaw and
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walnut creek to me and attacked her. as she was walking to our car in a remote area of the parking lot. >> they accosted her. for sir into our own vehicles. they put a blindfold on her and tied her feet and hands. they drove are around for what we think is several hours attempted to obtain money from her bank accounts. police believe the suspects stopped at eight different atm machines before letting her go in oakland hills. she was found by someone in the area who called 911. she was treated at a local hospital for her injuries. it is for 30 7:00 a.m. we will take a break. more top stories we come back. we have wet rose. - test rolleads.
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the video was posted on his campaign official you to page in a brief speech at campaign headquarters in chicago. the commander in chief choke back tears while praising the hard work of his young staff. take a look. >> i felt the work that i had done in running for office had come full circle. because when you guys have done. i am really proud of that. i am proud of all of you.
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(cheers and applause) the president and his family returned to washington yesterday. he has quite the schedule ahead of him. he will address the nation today. he is expected to urge lawmakers to head off the budget cuts and huge tax hikes that will go into effect january 1st. >> the fiscal cliff. the fiscal cliff. the fiscal cliff. the looming fiscal cliff. >> ♪ congress created the fiscal cliff in order to force itself to do with the growing national debt. worst-case scenario of a case there is no agreement on cutting spending and raising revenue. if there is no compromise by the end of the year. the pentagon's
4:42 am
budget will be slashed by $55 billion. 10th another 55 billion will be cut from non-defense programs education full inspections, air travel safety. medicare payments to doctors will drop by 27 percent. all americans rich and poor will see their taxes rise by up to 50%. the impact on the recovering the economy everyone agrees it will be like what happens to james bond in sky fog. kron 4 news. >> we will follow the latest developments on capitol hill as the approach the fiscal clip. san jose a quick live look traffic is fine. they have rain not too long ago it may still be falling. we will find out from erica. it is chilly 47 in san warning of only 256 this afternoon. 0ñ@ñ
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we are back at 4:44 am. here's a look at different of cases throughout the sierra. snow is blanketing roadways and ski resorts. some think the amount of snow will bring an early ski season. most of the top hole resulorts will be opening up. now with the three day weekend coming up ski resorts are expecting big crowds. in a presleys' it was said they would reopen tomorrow after they have had enough time to make snow. resort officials say if that does not work they will open on sunday keep tabs on their
4:46 am
website for the latest information. >> at4:45am. let's talk about the rain. >> be the good news is the wet weather is rotating out of their parent storm tracker 4 is lit up. you can see the green and yellow on your screen. as tourism in we are drying up for downtown livermore. a big lead over the altamonte pass. you can see we are mainly dry in the south bay. around the sunnyvale area. to our south we have rain for the morgan hill deal more area. allow yourself extra time on the roadways. instances of flooding. as we push into the 6:00 hour futurecast 4 shows showers on the back end of this but not too bad as we pushed the clock in to eight may be a
4:47 am
stray showers for the livermore area like ride along the coastline. other than that relatively drier conditions as we head into the afternoon because of the instability and the air we have the potential for a pop-up thunderstorms with small hail and gusty conditions. it will be called later we could actually see a dusting of snow on some of our mountaintops. you can see a chilly s start to the morning. it is a cold morning in some time for the bay area. for 45 in fairfield. your afternoon highs will not warm up by much oakland 58. 574 fremont and sunnyvale. pleasanton at 58. 554 half moon bay. those of you going to the cal game a dry one against oregon. kickoff is at 730 temperatures in the low 50s bring a jacket. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast showed dry
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conditions on tap this weekend. it will be nice for veterans day on sunday and for everyone who has the day on monday off rain chance returns to the bay area. a 30 percent chance. cloudy conditions in to the afternoon and temperatures in the upper 50s low 60s. and the traffic center monitoring and accident westbound 580 at livermore avenue. you can see yellow on your screen indicating 40 mi. per hour. we are keeping an eye on this usually one of the first freeways to back up in the morning. it looks like chp is on the scene to clear the lance. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza no problems or delays. no mere lights to deal with. san mateo bridge moving smoothly westbound 92 towards foster city and south bound 101
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contending with a wet deck no windshield wipers coming out of the north bay. james. >> thank you erica. not offering the iphone 5 is costing t mobile customers. the latest financial statements shows they lost more than 49,000 customers to other carriers offering the latest iphone. it seems t mobil is behind. consumers can use and unlocked iphone. customers will have to pay for an unlocked foam or by one at full price from another retailer and on the market. >> the day total retail sales for october plunged 25% that is the 11th straight month the industry has showed declining hardware with the largest drop about 37 percent compared to last year. x box 360 finished as the top
4:50 am
consul. neither sony nor nintendo released their monthly sales figures. that leaves room to speculate. the price line of the most valuable on-line travel agency is buying kyak for $1 billion in stock. $40 per share represents a 29% premium over yesterday's price and including $500.50 of million dollars in cash. >> nestle's is recalling more than 200,000 canisters of the nest quick chocolate milk mix because of possible salmonella contamination. leslie says the contamination could occoccurred in the last month
4:51 am
batches. the contamination was called by a in greeting from a supplier and the in britain has been recalled. >> an outbreak of e. coli infections tied believe to be tied to organic spinach is being investigated. the mix was mainly sold on the east coast. it has been since recalled it was so between october 14th and november 1st. an update on the meningitis outbreak massachusetts company with the same founders as the pharmacy tied to the deadly outbreaks says they are laying off all of their and employees the company laid off from 650 employes yesterday. a spokesperson said they hope the layoffs will be temporary. regulators asked the company to remain closed until later this month. >> there is truth to on-line
4:52 am
buzz that home pregnancy test can detect some type of testicular cancer in men. a quick to the american cancer society pregnancy test worked i detected a certain hormone produced by the cells of the placenta is best as a woman's placenta during pregnancy. not all testicular cancers are detected by this test. the story originated with internet reports about a teenage boy who took a home pregnancy test as a joke and received a positive result and was diagnosed with testicular cancer. >> a mammoth to found during construction at san francisco's transit station is on display at california science center. the to joins a will scall a mastodon to a saber tooth cat or jawbone. we would take a break at 4:52. albany is
4:53 am
drying out quite a bit. the bulk of the rain has pushed off the commute may be starting to dry out at least for some portions of the north and east bay. we will be right back.
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we are back at 4:54. >> a dancing with the stars host reveals that she has cancer. a scaffolding collapsed at fans at a lincoln park concert. the vice president tries his hand at acting in a popular sitcom. catherine kim has the latest stories on hollywood minute. >> dancing with the stars as co-host brook work is under--burke has direct
4:56 am
cancer. >> this means that i will have a nice big scar here across my neck. >> the mother of 4¢ her surgery is scheduled saying the doctors told her this is it a happily ever after in the. >> a. lincoln park concert in cape town south africa took a turn--a dangerous turn. we were advised that several people were injured as the result of a collapsing tower outside of the venue. we express our deep sadness for those who were injured and our heartfelt condolences to the family of the san that died as a result of her injuries. 20 concert goers were injured. will not confirm any deaths. the white house and campaign trail. >> to announce thnow tv sitcom.e
4:57 am
biden will be on parks and recreation. the sitcom airs thursday november 16th. >> still ahead on kron 4 morning news former rep cabriole differed comes face-to-face with her shooter at a courtroom sentencing. we will tell you what is the next four theloftn. er president obama is expected to address congress about the financial congress. and we are also putting up to wet weather we will check with erica to see if the rain will stick around for the weekend. we will be back with more in a moment. ♪
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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. the good morning. it is friday november 9th we are tracking the storm moving across the bay area. we have coverage
5:00 am
looking at the storm system. our coverage of the storm system continues. we go outside quick wit kron 4 jackie sissel he has monitored the situation and albany. earlier jacket we saw the red wild ways. it may be dried out. >> it is starting to dry out i am looking up i can see stars overhead. i can see the moon. no clouds overhead. the roadways are wet. i am at the 580/80 split at albany. it is cold. i drove to the north bay about an half an hour ago it was a the high 30's. that is about as cold as we have seen it this year. at least for now we are trying out. >> very good jackie let's head to the weather center. >> you heard him say some spots are wet and it is cold. >> we do have the rain and it is not a huge drain just like rain it now for the east bay in some of our south bay spots. the heavy
5:01 am
showers fell overnight. a lot of us were sleeping. we saw accidents that happen overnight. as we take a look at storm tracker 4 we are seeing green and yellow on the screen. around the bay area a couple of minutes ago we saw a light rain over the livermore area not the case anymore. hopefully the rows are starting to dry out light rain over the altamonte pass. off the socsouth bay looks dry. >> high 101 between morgan hill and gilroy drive with extra costs and allow yourself extra time. satellite and radar tells the bigger story yes the rain is rotating out of our area. we saw lightning strikes. we had thunderstorms for downtown san francisco. and area of low pressure will continue to move into the bay area we will see chillier weather.
5:02 am
skirrwe do have the potential for isolated showers into the afternoon. it will not be a big washout like we experienced in yesterday's or overnight. by 12:00 may be light rain sitting offshore approaching our south bay areas. that is a look where the rain is. temperatures is cold. it has not been this call for quite some time. 35 in santa rosa. 37 in a bottle. vallejo at 40. 46 in oakland. no bunting of temperatures into the afternoon. >> we are keeping our eye on an accident on interstate 580 in livermore westbound. even though the chp had the crash blocking lines the good news is that it has not badly backed up the traffic
5:03 am
in the westbound direction. it does have the potential to do so. part of the problem is today is friday we would typically see lighter traffic and would not see things back up until later in the morning. it is already a little slowing reported that north livermore avenue. >>5:03 now. a fire at a private catholic school in san jose. road out around 1:00 a.m. at st. thomas more school. that is on south white road. that is where kron 4 is will tran is. it was not a big fire it happened in the office. the fire was not what cause the most damage. it was the sprinklers. crews cclear the place out overnight. other than the debris you cannot tell there was a fire
5:04 am
and let you walk over here. this is the genetgymnasium. according to day and these are priceless books used by the principal as well as the school. there was no burning sulfur to the books because of the water. the books could be ruined. this is obviously the top priority for you this morning. >> yes. to get these books a dry out as quickly as possible. >> out and find out about the fire. what happened?. i was called by a local priest who lives on campus because he heard the fire department. >> there is a priest that lives on campus or near here. the fire was only in the office. no place else? yes check the place? >> that is correct >> can you say these books a look relatively old. >> we will save 75% of them some of them are too far
5:05 am
off. >> we wish you the best of that. fortunately no one was hurt nor any of the firefighters. it happened around 1 06 a.m. firefighters fought the fire and under control within a few minutes of arriving. >> are the kids in school today? >> do you think there will be school today dan >> that are canceling school today. >> if you are a parent or anyone who goes to st. thomas more catholic school keep in mind that would not have school. there is a lot of work to be done. you can see the books needing restoration. in this case it was the sprinklers and not the fire that got a hold of the books. there is another guy getting more tables. that is a top priority airing out but irreplaceable books. >> that looks like a pretty good-sized in natigymnasium. do you know how many kids go to
5:06 am
the school? >> it is to launch a 30 students who attend the school. to moderate 30 students will have a three day weekend. --230 students >> waiting to hear from the president this morning president barack obama will be expected to urge congress to avoid the so- called fiscal cliff. that could plunge the economy into recession erica. mr. obama--will call lawmakers from both parties to work together to avoid the fiscal cliff. the present a deal to years ago with congress to s in the bush era tax cuts. part of that deal is if congress did not act deep cuts would kick in for the federal government. with the tax cuts expiring tax hikes would incur. that is what is spoken wall street. we
5:07 am
will have more on wall street. @ñ
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welcome back. watching wall street. the dow dropped 21. just a day after more than 300 points on wednesday. the dow future to about 40 now. investors are worried about the upcoming fiscal cliff as we mentioned we will hear from the president this morning. as in the same if there's a 50 percent chance that the u.s. will go over the fifth cliff which will be a series of sharp spending tax cuts and tax hikes. >> watching apple apple shares continued to slide. their stock has a $167 since hitting a high of 7 05 less than two months ago. apple shares 5775. a 24% drop
5:11 am
almost. kyak went public. they are up 25%. up $8 before the bell. the futures are down 40 points. >> thank you mark. new fees four super seniors with students and open dense and class and are eligible to graduate. they would be considered and the same rate as out of state residents. they are also considering charging a fee to retake a course. administrators said the plan is not generating money as it is about streamlining the system and creating assets to class of all students. >> there was a rally on campus falling passage of
5:12 am
proposition 30. they're calling for a decrease in tuition and a rollback they're asking for students. many we are watching the bay area weather on this friday morning. >> the vote in the road is wet pavement. it is chilly out there. san francisco is 45 degrees. looking for a high of 55 this afternoon. we gain a few degrees over the weekend will have the details and a couple of minutes
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
we are back. take a look at photos people snap and sent to our newsroom showing yesterday's downpour. in some spots it was really coming down hard. it caught a lot of people off guard
5:16 am
when it started to rain yesterday afternoon. although we told you it would rain during the morning. >> keep sending the follows weeksthe photos can'. we have ho rain on night and napa of misses everything of all that has changed recently. >> that is what we are following on facebook keep sending it to a spirius. >> we are talking about the timing and when we made dry out and what the weekend looks like what you have erica. >> the good news is heavier showers moved through overnight. we are seeing a lot of rotation with the system. cool air streaming
5:17 am
to the bay area we are starting to dry things out. north bay has been dry for some time. the rain is leading the east bay and some of our south bay spots. as a resume and live rain of a fremont area 880. drive with caution. down to the south bay not much rain may be on the western side of highway to 37. this is the color green which indicates relatively light rain. a bit heavier highway 101 between morgan hill and gilroy where scene rain to our south you want to allow yourself extra time of the road. as we take a look at satellite and radar it shows the bigger picture. we are seeing rotation with the system we could see light showers into the afternoon on the back end. low pressure will continue to drop down. temperatures will drop more than they are now. cannot be surprised if you see mid 30's for our north bay spots. the heaviest rain is
5:18 am
out of our hair. the rows are starting to dry up. into the 6:00 hour some light rain along the coast and south of the livermore valley. not much by a a.m.. we will continue to try things out in the afternoon. a lot of instability in the air we could see a pop up thunderstorm hail and gusty conditions could pick up. that is something we will monitor throughout the day. it is chilly and has not been this called for quite some time. santa rosa 35. novato 37. 46 downtown san francisco. 44 in livermore. there afternoon highs will not budge by much. 564 hayward. 58 in fairfield. daly city at 54. 57 in san mateo. those of you heading to the cal game against oregon kickoff is at 730. it
5:19 am
will be a chilly one at memorial stadium. your kron 47 day of around the bay forecast has interest in whether to talk about we will see clear conditions tomorrow night it will be colder. we could pick up some frost from some of our north bay valleys. plenty of sunshine to go round sunday and monday. the wet weather returns and 30 percent chance and to tuesday and wednesday. more details on your extende up a bit. at 5:19 t is time for traffic. good morning george. >> not checking any hot spot early 580 problems have cleared up. an easy time to get to all across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge looks great this morning. if we are lucky we will continue to see normal speeds across the span through the commute. at the
5:20 am
golden gate bridge your ride here an easy trip south bound 101. no delays across the span and the deck is wet. if they are setting the bridge up with a four lane south bound to lained configuration. we will update drive times. the ride on a zero westbound 14-15 minutes. hercules to berkeley. as we mentioned they have cleared up the problems on westbound 580. there was an accident north of livermore abbott know. your ride to the south bay looks great after early one in problems and the 4:00 hour. in marin county to a 23 minute drive from the bottle to the toll plaza of the golden gate bridge. >> james. >> thank you george. let us talk about gas prices as we continue to track prices we notice that are still falling. the averages about $3.89 for a gallon of regular gas. in san francisco getting closer to the $4 mark. $4.20. in
5:21 am
oakland $4.88-a-$3.88. >> imagining of the east coast to day york and new jersey continue the ration thing. you have to be i or even to go fill up. the lions have gone for two or three hours down to 45 minutes in the jersey-- alignthe lines. >> investigators have released this composite sketch of one of the man connected to an attempted kidnapping of a 14 year-old girl in oakland. look at the sketch. a man who looked like this approached a girl from behind on monday afternoon she was walking in the 1400 block of 103rd avenue in oakland. the girl
5:22 am
says he grabbed her try to pull her into a truck and she was able to struggle and get away. >> here is the suspect described by our 40 year-old victim. we have a white male he is tall and thin. he has a blond hair about shoulder length. he is wearing a baseball hat. >> they do not have a sketch this is the actual attack for ththey did not have a sketch of the drive for they are looking for. they think he is similar looking to the sketch. a white male mid to late 20s tall and thin 140-1/5 pounds with a goatee and short round spiked hair. they were both driving away in a newer model red dodge pickup truck. >> police in walnut creek are looking for two suspects men who kidnapped a woman wednesday night at 7:30 p.m.. the victim was
5:23 am
leaving her job in walnut creek. the two men attacked her as she was walking to our car. >> they accosted her. they forced her into our own vehicle. they put a blindfold on her and tied her feet and hands. they drove are around for what we think is several hours attempting to obtain money from her bank account. police believe the suspect stopped at about eight atatm machines before they let her free. she was found by someone in the area and they called 911 she was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and has since been released. >> we check the temperatures in san jose currently 47. chilly to start with. we will warm into the mid '50s. it was wet this morning we have a chance for residual
5:24 am
showers lingering as we work our way through for this friday.
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
the friend who survived hiked all night to get help it was a 21 year old man. he and the victim went over an embankment in pierce county. once he got to a near by town because the 911. search and rescue team found the truck and the body of the 23 rows. crews say the victim managed to get out of the truck and hiked for some distance before he finally succumbed to his injuries. >> had explosion at a plant in the canadian province of quebec least two people dead. here is the aftermath the emergency crews rushing to the scene. there was a person who was rescued.
5:28 am
after an extensive search. more than a dozen people are in the hospital after this last period for are in critical condition it happened at a neptune technologies and by all resources facility. it was yesterday afternoon this company produces crude oil that is used and health supplements. they did not know what caused the blast was a deadly one in canada. >> in the bay area we are keeping an eye on storm tracker 4 as the rain moved out of the bay area. you can see it moving off to the east at this hour making it way. we will try out for your morning commute. >> you have a little bit of time to avoid rain drops will be back in a couple of ♪
5:29 am
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5:30 am
>>it is 5:30 a.m.. >>we're live in concord right now. his surveying
5:31 am
conditions there. >>the coffee shop in concord is clearly a place for preference. they are wearing jackets and sweatshirts and getting their morning started. you may need a cup of coffee and a sweatshirt and because it is much cooler and what we have seen in the past few weeks. everyone i have seen has at least in wbeen wearing a jacket or two periods many of them are doing what they can to stay warm. >>i were a lot of sweat shirts. i stay in the house. i just turn on here. >>coffee certainly helps to stay warm but the good news is that it is not raining. we do have a chance of that
5:32 am
as we start the rest of the day. i have been told that it might actually snow. but those of you who have not left your house you should definitely put your short sleeves and shores up. >tsup. > up. >>this is mike take a look at concord. >>good morning daria. storm trecker for does look promising. a lot of the rain continues to push its way east to scotland. as we zoom in we just have stray showers are around the bay. it is currently running
5:33 am
around highway 237. afghsouth bay for the most part has dried out. you should still allow yourself a little bit of time because there were some instances of rolled away flooding as well as slick roads. we did see a few overturned vehicles. within the next couple of hours we should be completely dry around the bay area. we do have more rain on the way. >>you can see that what weather looks to be moving out of our way but the low pressure will continue to come in. temperatures could be cooler than what they are right now. we also have the potential of seen some light rain on the back end. this will impact you on the rest
5:34 am
of the day. we may see a light rain around 6:00 p.m.. it looks like we will start to try things out as we head into 10:00 p.m. tonight. >>it is cold outside and you should certainly bundle up. it is 46 degrees right now in oakland. your afternoon highs will prove to be chilly. it will be 58 degrees for antioch and 57 degrees is expected for san mateo. i will have the full details on what you should expect for this weekend. the next chance of rain will, in my next report. >>i want to talk about bart and they are experiencing some system delays. to they are minor is what they're calling them maybe five to
5:35 am
15 minutes. they had problems earlier and these have all been taken care of. these are just delays that will be clear within the next 20 to 40 minutes. if you are heading their thing you will find that the normal train time has been pushed back. >>highway 4 and interstate 580 in the east bay we are still looking at light traffic. there is a little slowing on both of these freeways. there is still light traffic for the rest of the bay area. >>we are watching this massive fire that has been burning in burbank. this is at 3 alarm fire. the warehouse is also packed with cartridges and is in a fire hit those they say istated that these flames will go off like missiles.
5:36 am
>>i am also keeping my eye on wall street. the dow fell over 300 the day before. the dow is now down 57. back on september 14th the dow was at 13,500. the s&p 500 is down by 6 percent in the same time frame. look at nasa that they are down 9%. apple is down 24% in the last two months. >>following presidential politics. president obama was campaign posted a
5:37 am
pitcher when he was praising the hard work of his desk- >>i felt dead the work that i had done and running for office that says because what you have done proved-- i'm really proud of that and i was >>when you are just exhausted and your happy as well and you are relieved and you just have so much emotion after this election. >>if the president heads to the nation and he will be delivering an address since his victory and he would
5:38 am
talk about the economy. >>5:37 a.m.. we are showing pictures of a fire in loss angeles area. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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5:41 am
>>this is a story outside of loss angeles. this fire is in burbank at a cigarette warehouse. they are afraid to go inside because there are a lot of cartridges and they could go off like missiles. the starter bob 3:30 a.m. this morning. the roof just collapsed and firefighters are still trying to contested. they're trying to prevent this from going to adjacent buildings. hopefully firefighters will be able to get this under control shortly.
5:42 am
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>>what does this mean. it may steam. this may be an early ski season. >>they had to stop on halloween because it was getting to one. but with this three day weekend coming up the result is that canada will have a crowd. they will reopen tomorrow as they stated that they had enough time to make some fresh snow that to what they have. they will stay busy with the stow maker.
5:46 am
>>we are tracking the what weather as the storm pushes through. here is some video that we received when people were running to get out of iran. traffic accidents were not a big surprise when the rose get actually went. what roadways and rain is still falling in some areas. >>a lot of is what weather and heavy stuff that we experienced overnight is pushing out of the bay area. and we do still have stray showers that may impact your morning commute. last time we checked it was raining there-that's the showers have passed through fremont.
5:47 am
so again roadway's can be selected and you should drive the extra caution. the good news is that by the early afternoon it should be completely dry. we will continue to talk about the cool air. later on tonight we may still see more cool weather. as we pushed the clock into about 8:00 p.m. we've will pick up scattered showers for the peninsula. if you have plans later on tonight less take a look at the weather. >>hail could be produced and into tomorrow if could be dry but cooler. it looks like temperatures will continue to drop and we can actually see some frost to develop. looking ahead this is considered sweater weather. it will be dry into
5:48 am
veterans day. it is cold outside and the rain is not impacting you any more but the chilly weather is. it is 43 degrees out the door and concord. livermore is coming in at 44 degrees. it has not been this cold in the bay area since about four months. 58 degrees for oakland and 56 degrees--if you are going to the forty- niners dame the temperatures will be in the low 60sgame the l be in the low 60s. it is now 5:48 a.m.. >>we're not tracking any hot spots is in it is an easy friday morning. the
5:49 am
westbound ride looks good and there are no problems as you head off the lower deck. for the san mateo bridge highway 92 as a light right. the deck was wed but it is drying out. ias we pick up the traffic map and look first at your east bay ride for interstate 80 in the westbound direction is still a light drive time. 16 minutes through the san malone valley for 680 south down 580 westbound is still lighter. i there are no delays 4101 south bond.for 101 >southbound.
5:50 am
>>gasoline is now in short supply and gasoline has been rationing for motorists in new york city. they have spent hours in line waiting for gas. this move is east to relieve fuel crunch. the winter storm out on the misery for for them and the new jersey mayor stated that it could have been much worse. >>the snow was helpful. it was not raining and so it helped on the flooding side. the wins were not as severe as they had predicted. >>it still is taking utility crews some time to get all of the electricity restored. the winter storm dumped more than a foot of snow and the northeast. the power outages stretch from delaware out to maine. >>you can see snow is still
5:51 am
on the ground in central park. the shareholders may take a onetime loss to use things related to super storm sandy. and sandy related warriors forced them to that special of the cell spiker not a lot of companies are being affected. michael bloomberg --$50 million from superstore on sand. >>5:51 a.m. and just-in- time for a holiday shopping a new outlet mall is now open. the paradigm outlet and livermore opens today. a lot of people have been waiting hours to get in the parking lot. traffic is
5:52 am
backed up on 580 and since it was backed up that means that yesterday was the first day. >>this is where they had all of these to drop fares here for this outlet. they have some decent stores here. they have the gap and j. crew and nike. this is the first outlet mall to open in california in 11 years. a lot of the shoppers are happy. >>i am looking for to coming here. i love it and i come back all the time with my friends. >>i the city a livermore is excited about the grand opening because they are expected to bring them to
5:53 am
hundred million dollars in tax revenues. >>it it is wanted a wet one if you are going to be out shopping. lasch said livermore had showers but it looks like it is moving off. it is 37 degrees as you head out the door. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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>>it is 5:56 a.m.. holiday flights are booked up early. the wall street journal stated that there is an increase in flights for christmas and new year's eve. the sales are up by 50 percent over a year ago. >>we have video to show you of metro police who are looking for suspects. this is a motorcycle is that is
5:57 am
going through a mall. six men dressed in black were wearing helmets andhelmets and they will have access in their hand. they stole $3 million worth of a jury. this was really crazy to watch and motorcycles were stolen. they found them a few miles later. no one was hurt an elderly man was treated for shock. coming up we continue to track the storm that is moving to california and the bay area. will have the latest in just a minute. following a developing story there is a fire burning their loss angeles. this is a disagreement were house and you can see that there tried to shoot water on this big blaze. >>checyok pantry because
5:58 am
there is a recall on nest quick.
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